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WARNING! Disastrous SMP Jobs on offer!

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Think carefully before you decide to do SMP with a unqualified doctor

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) can go horribly wrong if you don’t choose the right technician to work on you. Here is what Malcolm Hilton, owner of Hilton Hair Clinics, has to say:

SMP gone wrong with unqualified doctor

“I have been getting more and more clients recently that have come to me for ‘rescue’ jobs after undergoing failed SMP procedures – and who have had to undergo many expensive and painful laser sessions to remove the botched jobs.”

“My concern is that with SMP or MDP (Microdot Pigmentation) becoming ever more popular and in demand worldwide, that increasingly unqualified businesses, such as beauty salons, microblading studios, hair restoration companies (who mainly promote wigs , lasers and lotions) are offering this service. They are ‘trying it out’ with little to no training or experience because it appears to be a simple procedure.”

The perceived idea is that SMP is just ‘tattooing dots on the head to look like stubble’, which is definitely not the case.”

“It requires an intimate knowledge of the medium and the different factors involved, i.e. skin, needle quality and how pigment reacts with different skin types, varied balding conditions and how to address different complexions most effectively – and most definitely not the closest tattoo shop either!”

Beware of ‘hair tattoos’. These are offered by a different kind of provider – usually under the category of tatto

o shops or permanent makeup.

“Good artistic ability and knowlege of SMP principles, as well as at least 2 years of supervised experience is essential for a truly convincing procedure.”

“This is not simply like gluing a wig onto the scalp in half

an hour for a temporary (though uncomfortable!) solution… it is a highly skilled, labour intensive and time consuming procedure that requires experience and hours of patience.”

“It gives the client a permanent and extremely effective, low maintenance lifetime solution to balding – if done properly.”

“Another reason ‘hair restoration companies’ aren’t really pushin

g SMP as an offering is because it is actually a permanent solution and that therefore there will be no repeat clientele for them with this procedure.”

“Companies that are now adding the SMP as an added service to their list of ‘options’ should also be scrutinized. The longer the menu of options, the less specialized the company. Therefore, the company that offers this procedure should only specialize in this treatment and nothing else.”

Potential clients must insist on seeing a portfolio of wor

k done by the person that will be working on them.

“I urge anybody who is considering this most effective and permanent solution to research thoroughly whoever the technician is that will be working on them and to insist on seeing a portfolio and testimonials of their own work. Make sure they are not just downloaded or stolen from the internet (someone else’s work).”

“There is an extremely fine line between an ‘amazing’ and a ‘disastrous’ outcome.”

“Heads up!”

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